5 ways to use Social Media better for business marketing

Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn and Twitter, The social media networks that have changed how people, businesses and non profit organizations communicate and send information.
In the last decade social networking has become an enormous trend in business and has revolutionized many different commercial sectors.

5 ways to use Social Media better for business

Get the most out of your
Social Media

Post content regularly.

The more “active” your page is the more users will engage with your content. Post content weekly, but if you can, post your content daily for best organic results. There is no such thing as too much marketing. It is typically better that you only post one post per day so that you do not lose any traction that you would gain from that daily post.

Post content that is interesting to your consumers.

Your subscribers who are  browsing their social media pages are more likely to engage in your content if your posts are interesting and personalized. Make sure the content you create is entertaining and relative to your product and or business. Use creative Videos, Photography and Live Streaming tools to get better reach to your clients.

Make sure you use your Social Media Channels correctly.

When it comes to Social Media, Everyone has their preference to what they find interesting. for example, LinkedIn users prefer more informative, business, and factual posts, Pay attention to your follower demographic on each channel to publish social media content that appeals to the right audience.

A  study done by the PEW Research Centre has shown the amount of times the average user engages with posts on each site daily.

Stick to your Game plan and stay consistent with your posts.


Know what you want to post, how you are going to post it and who you want your posts to reach.


Once you have defined you audience, start creating interesting content and developing posts that are relative to your product or service.


Know what you want to post, how you  are going to post it and who you want your posts to reach.
Videos, Photos, Livestreaming, Blogs, and Vlogs are the best ways to engage with your audience.

Actions and Key Performance Indicators (K.P.I's)

Reach: These are typically followers, impressions, and traffic data. What is important, is that it takes into consideration how many people who may have seen your content but not directly engaging with your post.

Leads: This is where you measure how many new sales leads your posted content is generating, and how many leads are potential sales. It is important to know that Social Media Marketing is art of pulling in potential customers. Your goal is not to be talking to everyone, Define your customer and target interest.

Sales: Basically, you want to keep a track of all of your new sales and customers and how those results compare to your engagement and reach. This will help you define your approach, and know more or less if your marketing strategy is working or not

Know what you want from of your Social Media Marketing. Be consistent with your page appeal and interaction use online tools such as Hootsuite to track users, schedule your posts together, reply to all comments and critique, and respond in short time

Paid Vs Organic Reach.

5 ways to use Social Media better for business

Organic Content advertising limits you to a small amount of users searching specific keywords or phrases. You can also free tools to engage with your clients, create posts and respond to messages

Paid Advertising, however, lists your ad in users browsers, news feeds, and social media pages while watching videos and reading content.
It is beneficial to include a budget to your Social Media Marketing Strategy as you can define your target audience and reach. 

The majority of adults these days use Social Media, and this being so, it is undeniably beneficial to advertise your product or business through the various Social Media Pages. eMarketer has shared that at least 20-25% of people visit the store or website after seeing an ad through Social Media. and that almost between 14 & 17% bought the product or service. This is a good reason to Make sure you have the correct Social Media Plan for your business.

There are huge benefits to getting your business on a Content Strategy, whether its paid or an organic strategy you use make sure your content is attractive and linked to relevant information to your page.

5 ways to use Social Media better for business

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